Northern Region

Staff and campuses
FOCUS Zimbabwe Northern Region covers all tertiary institutions in Harare, Marondera, Bindura and surrounding areas. These institutions include University of Zimbabwe, Harare Polytechnic, Bindura University of Science Education, Harare Institute of Technology Universirty, Madziwa Teachers College, Seke Teachers College, Belvedere Teachers technical College, Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic, Masasa industrial college, Gwebi Agricultural College, Chibhero Agricultural College and Chinhoyi University of Technology.

Our staff complement in the region comprises of six campus staff, two apprentices working full time and one associate staff.

Our major activities
Bible Study
We equip students and graduates with skills to study the bible, interpret it and apply it in their lives. Our main goal is to see the region producing a student whose worldview and values in life are shaped by God’s word.

Evangelism and Discipleship
As a region, we train students and graduates in areas of evangelism and so as to faithfully fulfil the Great Commission. We do discipleship with students through one-on-one meetings and Bible studies.

Leadership Trainings
We equip students and graduates through training them in various aspects of leadership. These range from Bible Study trainings, Committee trainings and we also train SRC committees. We hope to produce a new generation of servant leaders whose principles and values are scripturally informed and shaped after the model of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Annual events
Mid-Year Conferences and National Conference- as Northern, we have 2 major events in form of conferences. We run Mid-Year Conferences every year third week of June and we have an average attendance of 250 students. We also send our students to the National Conference which runs every year around the third week of September. We are happy to partner with the National office in this regard.


We encourage our students to participate in missions and we give them exposure to interact with other churches. We take them out for a weekend where we engage a local church to host the students. We encourage students to participate in all programs done by that particular church from prayer meetings, evangelism, Bible studies, youth ministry, praise and worship, ushering and many more. These bring about excitement, experience and exposure. They will see how other churches do things differently from their churches. We expect to do these Missions weekends with various institutions in July this term.

One can get in touch with our staff team at the following contacts:

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