Masvingo Region

Masvingo Region have two Universities which are Great Zimbabwe University and Dutch Reformed University , there are three Teachers College which are Masvingo Teachers, Morgenster and Bondolfi, there is one Polytechnic and one Vocational Training Centre. Of the seven institutions FOCUS Ministry is done at Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo Polytechnic, Masvingo Teachers , Morgenster Teachers and Mushagashe Vocational Training Centre.

E Ndahwi is the Regional director and there are three full time apprentices namely Richard Sherren, Victory Bandambira and Fadzai Mareya.

Masvingo Region transformed by the Gospel, one student at a time

Strategic Areas of ministry
we seek to lead students and help them lead other students to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We equip students and graduates with skills to fulfil the great commission. We train and model students to one-on-one evangelism and bible reading.

To grow communities of sound , godly and competent disciple- making disciples of Jesus Christ. We establish intentional and strategic one to one Discipleship relationships with students . We establish on campus small group bible studies and equip students to run small groups

We train students in preaching and delivering sound biblical talks. We train students in leadership to run Christian Union groups on campus

Major events on campus
1: Inductive bible study training
2: Evangelism Training
3: Christian Union large group meetings
4: Lunch prayer meetings
5: Mid-Year Conference

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